Company Toujours après minuit

They open in the space between, where languages cross. It has been like this since the first double-sided performances, «El como quieres » (As You Like) (1997) and « Personne ne dort » (No one sleeps) (1998), emblematic of the companionship between projects teeming with possibility and the creation of the company Toujours Après Minuit. Brigitte Seth and Roser Montlló Guberna have from the beginning chosen to invest their stage in the spaces in between. The terrain that they clear little by little, between theater, dance, and music, are nervous landscapes that emanate from the body in movement.
Fashioned between gestures and words, sliding from French to Spanish or Catalan, their plays cultivate the overlap of the senses, incongruous associations. A nomadic and plurialistic style of travelling that comes back relentlessly to dip into the deposit of knowledge and fantasy that surges up from below, from the unspoken reaches of the body. From the intimate to the unknown, the dialogue allows the audience to hear the voice of the Other, his reason for being. A way of impregnating the senses, to give them flesh through laugh and emotion, enigma and allegory. This artisic topography that they call dance theater comes from « hard work, trying at times, in the name of « a better-expressed utopia »
Irène Filiberti