Roser Montlló Guberna
Roser Montlo GubernaRoser Montlló Guberna was born in Barcelona. She studied at the Institut del teatre de Barcelona and won first prize at the National Competition for Classical Dance in Spain. In France, she has worked as interpreter and choreographer for numerous dance productions (Maguy Marin, Angelin Préljocaj, Tomeo verges, Les Pénélopes …). She also is developing a career as actress and director for contemporary theater (Jean-Claude Penchenat , Sophie Loucachevsky, Jean-François Peyret …).

Brigitte Seth
Brigitte Seth was born in Paris. Educated in the arts and techniques of circus and mime, she works as interpreter, author, and director within various dance and contemporary theater organizations (Théâtre Emporté, Théâtre Incarnat, Les Pénélopes…)








Compagnie Toujours après minuit 

The multiplicity of the cultures and experiences shared by Brigitte and Roser drives them when they meet to produce a show, where theater, dance, and music are one.
Since 1995 they have worked within choreography and theater. They are co-directors and manage together Toujours Après Minuit. They have put on eleven productions: El como quieres (As You Like) 1997, Personne ne dort (No One Sleeps) 1998 , Suite pour quatre (Suite for Four) 2000, L’entrevue (The Interview) 2001, Rosaura 2002 , Revue et corrigée, es menschelt (Reviewed and Corrected, smells like human) 2004, Epilogos, confessions sans importance (Epilogues, unimportant confessions) 2004 , Je te tue, tu me tues, le premier de nous tous qui rira… (I Kill You, You Kill Me, the first of us who will laugh...) 2006, Récitatifs toxiques (Toxics recitatives) 2007, Galeria et A la renverse 2008. From December 1999 to March 2000, they directed the choreography for the Monteverdi trilogyunder the musical direction of Jean Claude Malgoire, and in 2001, at the Abbatiale at the festival Chaise-Dieu, they choreographed Madeleine aux pieds du Christ (Madeline at the Feet of Christ) by Antonio Caldara, musical direction by Arie Van Beck. In 2007, they directed and choreographed Gluck's Orfeo ed Euridice, musical direction by Jean-Claude Malgoire.