El como quieres


Production carried out by 
Toujours Après Minuit / Roser Montlló Guberna and Brigitte Seth
Performed by
Roser Montlló Guberna and Brigitte Seth
Script by
Brigitte Seth and Roser Montlló Guberna
and excerpts from the Play/Novel by Louis Aragon


Al que no te quiere... dejalo. Y al que te quiere... tómalo.
Tienes razón, tienes razón.

That which doesn't want you...leave it.  And that which wants you... take it...

From « lo imprescindible » as the Spanish say, the indispensable, the strictly necessary, from this tiny fragment, we repeat « oh, life, life, life, oh love, love, oh death. »   Outside, inside, house, theater, arena, say « oh life, oh love, love, oh death, death, death. »
We have chosen a style of dialogue in multiple accents, taking on diverse forms and used without distinguishing one from another:  movement, the script in our three languages (Catalan, Castillian, and French), dance, song, and rhythms emanating from the spaces in between from zapateados and tap-dancing.
They continue their trajectory,
always moving without knowing where they're going,
though they know more or less where they want to end up;
escaping boredom and fatigue through silence
and chatting,
as this is the tool of those who walk,
and sometimes of those who are seated. 
Jacques le Fataliste, Denis Diderot