Reviewed and Corrected

Smells like human
Choreographers and directors: Roser Montlló Guberna and
Brigitte Seth
Assistant director: Bruno Joliet
Performers: Corinne Barbara, Pierre Boileau, Elisabeth Geiger (harpsichord), Géraldine Keller (voice), Roser Montlló-Guberna, Fabrizio Pazzaglia, Brigitte Seth, Bruno Joliet and Jean-Baptiste Veyret Logerias
Script: Colette Turbigo and Pinito del Oro
Music: F. Botton, Charles Ives, D. Scarlatti, Sebastian de Albero, Padre Antonio Soler, popular Spanish motifs
Lighting: Luc Jenny and Michel Violleau Sound: Fabrice Thirion and Isabelle Surel
Costumes: Thierry Guénin Costume assistant: Marion Dobelmann
Production and publicity: Françoise Empio

Atmosphere of austerity and fantasy,
Burst of sequins and nudity of the stage,
Weight of a situation and required airiness,
Extraverted and intimate portrayal in flagrant opposition,
Fear and entertainment.

We explore the aesthetic of the costumes of the cabaret (fishnets, sequins, feathers, and corsets), initially designed for dancers with similar appearances, calibrated, selectioned based on their size, their weight, and their capacity for physical endurance.  This same aesthetic worn and lived by dancers from diverse horizons creates a strange style of dance that allows us to see in its ranks the individuality of each person, as though these details were spoken, shouted. This gap makes us aware of the aesthetic, its origin, its reason for being.  The scene reels between the anticipated performance--flashy--and unexpected intimacy. Luminous endeavors glorify the gleam of the show, the shiny gloss coating that cracks when, as if emanating from nearby watchtowers, they expose a flaw in the dancer.  Reviewed and Corrected has several facets: the mask and behind the mask, the beautiful and the ugly, the « all is well » and « everything is falling apart», the harmony and disharmony of the world.
The cabaret entertains us and makes us confront what it is that drives us to seek the escape.
Fear of mistakes becomes a fantasy here, violence becomes a laugh, terror a magic show, empty anxiety a tightrope walker's show, illness a joke, untameable sexual obsession a dance, the lack of love a song.  At the moment of transformation, we look Medusa in the eye.  And the magic of the cabaret is that we find this all amusing.

Coproduction :

This production was coproduced by Pôle Sud in Strasbourg, the Centre choréographique national de Tours/Bernardo Montet, the théâtre Paul Eluard in Bezons, the communauté de communes du pays de Ried Brun in Müntzenheim, Toujours après minuit in Paris, and with help from the DRAC project in Ile-de-France and the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.  Thanks to Bruno Courtin, Patrice Bigel and the group La Rumeur, Brigitte Marty and Zingaro.